28 Oct 2023

Winners and Highlights: 36th International Dental Conference Poster Competition

The 36th International Dental Conference, organised by the Center for Advanced Professional Practices (CAPP), was an event of significance in the field of dentistry. Among its many facets, the Poster Presentation Competition on 28 October 2023, stood out as a platform for students, doctors, and engineers to showcase their innovative work. The event drew 19 captivating poster submissions, all vying for the recognition of a distinguished panel of judges.
Winners and Highlights: 36th International Dental Conference Poster Competition

The esteemed jury, comprising experts in the dental field, brought a wealth of experience to the competition. Dr. Walid Shaaban, a renowned Professor of Oral Histopathology, lent his valuable insights, as did Dr. Shaista Siddiqui, a general dentist. Joining them was Dr. Faysal Succaria, another prominent figure in the field. With their collective wisdom, they embarked on the task of evaluating and selecting the standout posters of the event.

Following careful consideration and deliberation, three winning posters emerged from the competition. The top honors went to:

  1. First Place: Maria Morise, who presented a poster titled "Perception of 4th Year Dental Students on the Use of Rotary Instruments in Endodontics." Her work demonstrated a keen insight into the thoughts and opinions of dental students regarding this vital aspect of their education.
  2. Second Place: Dr. Susha Rajadurai, whose poster, "Understanding Student Perception of Online Tooth Morphology Teaching," showcased a deep understanding of the changing landscape of dental education, especially in the digital age.
  3. Third Place: A group of students—Rawan Alkhattabi, Fatima Hassoon, and Mohammed Khalid—presented a poster titled "Patient Diagnosis: Utilizing State of the Art Technology at Gulf Medical University: A Case Report." Their collaborative effort highlighted the utilization of cutting-edge technology in the pursuit of patient diagnosis, exemplifying the innovative spirit of the dental community.

These deserving winners were recognized for their outstanding presentations. Their posters not only stood out but also shed light on the latest advancements and insights in the dental profession.

These accolades were made possible through the generous support of sponsors. Curaprox, Curaden, Al Farwaniya, fläsh, and SWAN sponsored the awards for the Poster Presentation Competition, contributing to the success and prestige of the event.

CAPP extends its heartfelt thanks to all those who dedicated their time and effort to this educational endeavor. We look forward to the continued growth and advancement of dentistry, and eagerly await the next edition of this conference.