13 Dec 2023

ISLD Laser Congress coming to Dubai in 2026 in partnership with CAPP

The General Assembly of the International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD) has recently conducted a vote to determine the host city for the upcoming 20th world congress in 2026. Following careful consideration, Dubai has emerged as the chosen destination to host this prestigious and largest event in the field of laser dentistry. The responsibility of organizing this significant congress has been awarded to CAPP, securing the bid for the successful execution of the event.
ISLD Laser Congress coming to Dubai in 2026 in partnership with CAPP

The International Society for Laser Dentistry is a non-profit organization. It promotes professional excellence in the use of laser dentistry through scientific research and education. It is striving to enrich the knowledge of its members and to elevate the scientific and technical standards of laser dentistry research, practice and teaching to its highest levels. The society is motivated to cultivate and foster international professional relationships and cooperation with scientific organizations. 

Since its inaugural congress in Tokyo in 1988, the International Society for Laser Dentistry (ISLD) has carved out a rich and enduring legacy in the realm of laser dental education. As we approach the milestone 20th edition, slated to unfold in the autumn of 2026 in Dubai, the event stands as a testament to the ISLD's unwavering commitment to advancing the field.

Anticipated as a remarkable milestone, the 20th edition promises to assemble the foremost experts in lasers in dentistry. Against the backdrop of Dubai's vibrant landscape, these luminaries will not only deliver insightful lectures but also engage participants through hands-on training courses and round table discussions. This significant anniversary edition serves as a focal point for celebrating the evolution of laser dental education, showcasing the latest advancements, and fostering an environment where knowledge and practical skills converge for the benefit of dental professionals worldwide.

Dr Dimitris Strakas, who is the Secretary General of the Executive Board of the ISLD said: “We couldn’t be more excited that the General Assembly of ISLD decided to execute our 20th World Congress in Dubai. Our Congress returns to Dubai after 16 years but this time we are thrilled to be working with the highly professional team of CAPP. Our commitment will be to work hard in order to produce an unparallel and unforgettable scientific event.”

Leon Vanweersch, with Dr Dimitris Strakas forming the Organization Board - Congresses and Public Relations of the ILSD added “I am excited that Dubai was elected, because I am sure that we have with Dubai a magnet which attracts dentists from all over the world, and with CAPP the most professional partner to make this upcoming event a huge success.”

“The fact that Dubai has been chosen to host this prestigious event underscores, once again, the pivotal role that Dubai plays in shaping the landscape of dental events globally. This strategic choice of Dubai as the event's venue aligns seamlessly with CAPP's commitment to providing a platform that not only delivers top-tier educational content but also ensures a captivating and enriching experience for all participants.” added Dr. Dobrina Mollova, the Founder and CEO of CAPP.

Mr. Deyanov from CAPP, the representative during the bidding process, expressed his pride, stating, “As CAPP, we are honoured to have been selected among other outstanding bids to host and organize the most recognised lasers in dentistry event. This is, frankly speaking, where true experts in laser dentistry converge to share their expertise through lectures and networking opportunities.”

As Dubai takes center stage in 2026, the ISLD Congress promises to be an unparalleled experience, bringing together experts, professionals, and enthusiasts in the field of laser dentistry. With ISLD and CAPP steering the organizational efforts, attendees can anticipate cutting-edge presentations, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities that will contribute to the continued growth and excellence of laser dentistry on a global scale.

Stay tuned for more updates as this groundbreaking event approaches and which will shape the future of laser dentistry.