31 Oct 2023

Celebrating excellence in dentistry: The "I Love My Dentist" and "Best Educated Dentists" Awards 2023

The world of dentistry is a constantly evolving field, with professionals striving to provide the best care for their patients and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in dental science.
Celebrating excellence in dentistry: The

Dentists play a crucial role in maintaining our oral health, and it's only fair that their dedication and hard work are recognized and celebrated. In 2023, two prestigious awards stand out to honor the outstanding dentists and their commitment to excellence - the "I Love My Dentist Award" and the "Best Educated Dentists Award."

I Love My Dentist Award 2023

The "I Love My Dentist Award" is a unique recognition that highlights the special bond between patients and their dentists. It allows patients to voice their appreciation for the dentists who have gone the extra mile to ensure their oral health and comfort. The winners of the "I Love My Dentist Award 2023" are:

  • Dr. Khadishad Sadulaeva
  • Dr. Khaled Mohammed Abouseada
  • Dr. Ahmed Alhafne

These dentists have demonstrated exceptional care, empathy, and expertise in their practice, earning the heartfelt appreciation of their patients.

Nominees for the "I Love My Dentist Award" include:

  • Dr. Aisha Taufiq
  • Dr. Jacob Philip Eapen
  • Dr. Leila Hariri
  • Dr. Sabari Kanchana Padmakumar
  • Dr. Reem Adel AbdelHadi
  • Dr. Adel Dorah
  • Dr. Khaled Atef Elhayes
  • Dr. Waleed Mukadam
  • Dr. Sherif Hamdy Ramadan
  • Dr. Tessy Riju
  • Dr. Asma Sultana
  • Dr. Reem Galadari

These nominees have all left a significant impact on their patients' lives through their dedication and professionalism.

Best Educated Dentists Award

The "Best Educated Dentists Award" recognizes the commitment of dentists to continuous learning and professional development. Dentistry is a field that continually advances, and staying current with the latest techniques and technologies is vital to providing the best care. The winners of the "Best Educated Dentists Award" are:

  • Dr. Tarek M. Taleb Saied Suliman
  • Dr. Kenza Guelmoussi
  • Dr. Shaista Siddiqui
  • Dr. Rafia Mustafa
  • Dr. Ahmed Naser Alnuaimi
  • Dr. Zainab Shbair
  • Dr. Alya Ateeq Alhameli

These dentists have shown a relentless dedication to their profession by attending numerous Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses and events, ensuring they remain at the forefront of dental knowledge.

Nominees for the "Best Educated Dentists Award" include:

  • Dr. Prathibha Johnz
  • Dr. Vartkes Rocco Arzoumanian
  • Dr. Mohammad Basil Al Hilwani
  • Dr. Bashaer Ahmed Ali Al Moosa
  • Dr. Lerat Emmanuelle
  • Dr. Maria Perez Morales
  • Dr. Rabah Srour
  • Dr. Amal Ghanem
  • Dr. Khadishat Sadulaeva
  • Dr. Mairy Lotfi Aziz Aiad
  • Dr. Abdulmohsen Al Jammaz
  • Dr. Maria Fayek
  • Dr. Charu Goel

These nominees exemplify the commitment to excellence and the pursuit of knowledge that is at the core of the dental profession.

Both the "I Love My Dentist Award" and the "Best Educated Dentists Award" serve as a testament to the dedication and excellence found in the world of dentistry. They honor the professionals who make it their mission to provide top-notch care to their patients and stay at the forefront of dental science, ensuring that smiles remain healthy and beautiful for years to come. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees for their remarkable contributions to the field of dentistry.