Prof Tae Weon Kim, South Korea

Graduated school: YonSei Univ. College of Dental medicine 1988

Postgraduate: Dept. of Orthodontic, YonSei Univ. Dental Hosp. 1991

MSD: YonSei Univ. Korea 1991

Teaching fellow in Tokyo Dental College Japan 1994-1995

Director in Orthodontic Dept. Ewha Womans Univ. Hosp. 1995-1996

Private practice in Seoul, Korea 1996

PhD: Showa Univ. Japan 2001

Present position:

President of KSLO(Korean Society of Lingual Orthodontics)

Clinical Professor in YonSei Univ.(Korea)

Clinical Professor in Korea Univ. (Korea)

Clinical Professor in KyungHee Univ. (Korea)

Clinical Professor in Binzou Med. College. (China)

Private office in Seoul, Korea

Head of eCligner development centers ( Seoul-Bern-İstanbul)

Teaching experience

Lingual Orthodontic course: Barcelona, Spain(2004,05) Montevideo, Uruguay(2004)

Bern, Swiss(2005)

Clear Aligner course:

Barcelona, Spain(2004) Montevideo, Uruguay(2004)

Treviso,Venice Italy(2005,09) Tokyo,Japan(2005 - 2010)

Lech,Oberlech,Vienna, Austria(2006,07,09) Venice, Italy(09)

Istanbul, Turkey(2008,2010) Frankfurt, Germany(2007,08,09)

Bern,Zurich,Swiss(2005,08) Amsterdam, Netherland(2008)

Tel Aviv, Israel(2008) Singapore (2009) Bogota, Colombia(2009)

Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Brazil(2009)

Micro-implant course:

Barcelona, Spain(2005) Bern, Swiss(2005)

Barcelona, Spain(FDM, 2007) Frankfurt, Germany(2008)

Lech, Austria(2010)

Postgraduate continuing education in YonSei Univ, Korea Univ, KyungHee Univ, WonJu Christian Hosp.(Korea) Binzou Medical College(China).


ESLO 7th congress(Venice, 2006): The best poster award.

Published article

International (15), Domestic (9)

Published book:

1. Principle and clinical application of Clear Aligner (MyungMun co, Korea 2005. Sunashobo co, Japan 2005. 2nd edition,2007)

2. Treatment of cleft lip and palate.(Jisung,1994, Korea)

3. Textbook of lingual orthodontics(MungMun, 2003, Korea)

4. Clear Aligner Manual(English, Korea, Japanese version) (MyungMun co, Korea 2007. Sunashobo, Japan, 2007)

5. Illustrated Clear Aligner Manufacturing (English version) (MyungMun co, Korea 2007)

Various articles at Dental Tribune from different country editions