Dr Khaled Abouseada, Egypt/KSA

Dr Khaled Abouseada is a graduate from Alexandria University; he received BDS, MS, Orthodontics Cert. He his a consultant Orthodontic who is involved in private practice in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt.

  • Currently working also in Saudi German Hospital (since 2003)
  • Worked as Head of Orthodontic Department in Alexandria University Hospital
  • Fellow of the World Federation of Orthodontics
  • Member in multiple regional and international orthodontic associations
  • Certified trainer for CAD CAM aligners and gives aligners training courses in many parts of the world
  • Editorial board of The Dental Tribune Journal for Middle East and Africa and is responsible for the orthodontic section
  • Has credit in various publications in national and international journals and also practicing CAD CAM lingual and labial orthodontics
  • These years of practice make him one of the most experienced doctors in the continent to have practiced Orthodontic CAD/CAM therapy.

Teaching Experience

  • Orthodontic Lecturer in Batarji Medical College, Specialized Academy for Medical Training and Alfrabi Dental College
  • Conducted lectures at many international and national dental and orthodontic forums in many countries, being the proud holder of 5 international certifications in different CAD CAM aligners systems


  • Winner of I LOVE MY DENTIST AWARD 2010, 2011 and 2012
  • Winner of Best Orthodontic Case in Esthetic Dentistry MENA Award 2010,2011 and 2012