Dr Chen Hsuan, Taiwan
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Dr. Hsuan Chen is a lecturer and primary research consultant at CEREC Asia Training Center. Influenced by his engineering background, Hsuan has conducted more than a dozen research projects at CEREC Asia pertaining to topics including intra-oral scanning accuracy, material mechanics, material optics, and dental education. These results are clinically applied in Sweet Space Dental Clinic, where Dr. Chen is also a full-time clinician who focuses on anterior aesthetics with CEREC restorations.

Dr. Chen is a Ph.D candidate and holds a semester of lectures on CAD/CAM dentistry at National Yang Ming University in Taiwan. In 2016, he co-founded the Tooth Faerie Study Club after noticing the lack of learning resources for young dentists. The study club meets once a month and focuses entirely on digital dentistry. In 2017, Hsuan created the CEREC Digest, a blog-format website that caters to digital dentistry enthusiasts. His investigative article comparing 14 different intraoral scanners was the cornerstone piece of the Digest, which has seen over 120,000 views to date.

Throughout his time giving speeches and lectures at various universities and institutions, Dr. Chen has consistently advocated one common theme: technology rewards some and replaces others. His hope is that through mutual learning and sharing of knowledge, we can all be rewarded.