Suntec | Singapore 17-18 Aug 2019

Digital Orthodontic Forum 2019

Simple Mechanics and Hot Tips of Digital Orthodontics: Part II


Digital orthodontics has seen tremendous progress in recent years. Current technology has enabled clinicians to precisely identify the position and location of roots and crowns from 3D and intra-oral scans that were previously unattainable. With the aid of digital simulation and software programming, doctors can complete digital set up planning for each case before beginning treatment. Combined with customized brackets, precise indirect bonding and pre-fitted arch wires, digital orthodontics has significantly elevated treatment efficiency and consistency in treatment quality. This lecture will demonstrate a wide range of clinical cases and provide detailed mechanical analysis to argue that “All things digital” is the new frontier of modern orthodontics.

Learning Objectives

  • Attendees of this lecture will be able to articulate the strength of digital orthodontics in comparison with conventional orthodontic therapy.
  • Attendees of this lecture will be able to explain key steps in formulating a digital set-up.
  • Attendees of this lecture will be able to identify common issues of indirect bonding and strategies to avoid them.
  • Attendees of this lecture will be able to differentiate varying force levels in the wire sequence of digital orthodontics.
  • Attendees of this lecture will be able to analyze mechanics design of at least one common malocclusion applied in digital orthodontic treatment.

Note: Topics listed above are subject to minor changes as deemed appropriate by the speaker without advanced notice.

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