Suntec | Singapore 17-18 Aug 2019

Digital Orthodontic Forum 2019

A Glimpse of In-office Micro-orthodontics


Clear aligner treatment provides esthetic and comfort during orthodontic treatment, besides, the ease to maintain hygiene is another advantage of it. However, price could be the major reason that our patients turn us down. Nowadays, thanks to the manufacturers, we have vast options for doing clear aligner treatment with different design software, 3D-printing technologies and thermoplastic materials, and the costs could be significantly reduced.

This workshop will show you the indications of clear-aligner treatments, design of treatment with software practicing, and producing clear aligners. From head to hands, we will bring out a practical workflow for in-office clear aligners.

Learning Objectives

1. What sorts of patients are indicated for in-office clear aligner for a general practitioner

2. How to use software to design clear aligner orthodontic treatment

3. How 3D-printed models are made

4. How to manufacture clear aligners

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