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Hands-On Courses: 18-21 August 2017
Digital Orthodontic Forum: 18 August 2017
Main Conference / Dental Technicians / Exhibition: 19-20 August 2017

Singapore Dental Week: Up to 28 CE Credits attainable during 4 days
Early Bird Registration now closed.                Up to 28 CE Credits available during Singapore Dental Week 18-21 August 2017                Multidisciplinary hands-on courses                Conference & Exhibition 19-20 August 2017                Dental Technician Parallel Session 20 August 2017                Visit the Trade Fair free of charge

Dental Technicians Parallel Session
(Saturday 19 August 2017)

Dental Technicians Table Clinic Presentations
(Sunday 20 August 2017)

With the upcoming IDS Cologne 2017, the year is exciting as many new tools and technologies will once again be introduced into the dental field as dental technicians and lab owners are continuously looking to drive the profession forward. Dental Technicians play a vital part in every Dental Team. We recognize their importance at our Dental Technicians Parallel Session by giving special attention to their needs. The Session has already set up new standards amongst international specialized scientific conferences. Having organized this event for over 15 years, CAPP once again welcomes all professionals in the field of dentistry to enjoy lectures from leading industrial speakers. The Dental Technician Parallel Session is a fun, festive learning educational experience in Asia-Pacific's most vibrant environment. This year’s event has been expanded with an extra day including Hands-on Table Clinic Presentations on a rotational basis. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in lectures on 19th of August 2017 and practice hands-on the following day. The Dental Technician Parallel Session area has been expanded to accommodate more technicians and lab owners from the region. We look forward to welcoming you to the event.

Preliminary Agenda

19th August 2017
Lecture Presentations
09:00 – 17:30
20th of August 2017
5 Table Clinic Presentations on rotational basis
2 hour sessions
09:45 – 17:15
Mr. Oliver Brix , DT, Germany
Mr. Oliver Brix , DT, Germany
  • Show CV
    From 1985 to1989, Oliver Brix received his training as dental technician. Since 1989, he has been working as dental technician in various dental laboratories and dental practices. Oliver Brix specialises in the fields of esthetics and function, all-ceramics, biomechanical occlusal surface design and implantology. From 1990 to 1998 he participated in various national and international continuing education programs.

    He has been working as a freelancer for several dental practices in the field of functional and esthetic fixed prostheses since 1994. Furthermore, he has given continuing education courses and lectures on the topic of ceramics and esthetics on a worldwide basis since 1993. Oliver Brix is international guest lecturer and consultant to Ivoclar Vivadent AG. He has published various articles in national and international trade journals on the topic of ceramics and esthetics. He has been a member of the “Zahntechnischer Arbeitskreis Düsseldorf” (Dusseldorf study group of dental technicians) since 1997 and an active member of the “DGÄZ" (German association of esthetic dentistry) since 2000. In March 2001, he published the textbook “The Fundamentals of Esthetics”.

    Furthermore, Oliver Brix has been a member of the editorial board of AACD since 2007; he opened the International Training Centre in 2009 and the dental practice “Innovative Dental Design Oliver Brix”, Bad Homburg, Germany, in 2012. In March 2013, he published the textbook “Fascination Ceramics”.
  • Lecture: The Ultimate IPS e.max® Experience
    Imagine a world without all-ceramic solutions! The material properties and outstanding biological behavior, made beside the unrivalled optical result, all-ceramic restorations a favorable choice. After being for 10 Years in use, the IPS e.max System got grown consequently and shows today with the different components, a remarkable variety for almost every case in fixed prosthesis. This Lecture reflects the past 10 Years, utilizing the all-ceramic system and invites to a journey of many high-end restorations. Color recipes, new releases and build-up strategies on the latest development will be explained comprehensively. Many case reports and explanations, offers an insight of today’s possibilities, living the metal-free philosophy and the teamwork philosophy.


    • Teamwork
    • Planning
    • All-Ceramics Philosophy
    • Color Concept
    • High-End Restoration
  • Dental Technician Parallel Session (19 August 2017)
Nasser Shademan, CDT, Malaysia
Nasser Shademan, CDT, Malaysia
  • Show CV
    Nasser Shademan, a unique dental technologist, professional painter & scupltor, photographer and make up artist with unprecedented artistic values, is well regarded by world renowned industry leaders for his outstanding knowledge and technical skills. He is the founder of Micro Aesthetic dentistry , a concept dedicated to the art of Micro fine natural aesthetic dentistry that emphasises on three dimensional aesthetics in harmony with facial forms, Skin colour, texture and gender characteristics.

    His technical knowledge in different restorative mechanisms combined with his extensive skills in art, enables him to design the finest dental restorations that fascinate most demanding patients including renown celebrities with higher cosmetic demand. Nasser is the world's first ever ceramist to introduce restorations with micro figures that are skilfully painted within porcelain layers with finest detail imaginable. They include portraits of famous personalities, works of Michelangelo, Da Vinci and of course portraits of patients in sizes that is barely visible to our eyes. He is known as a very innovative dental technologist with a great hand in providing solutions in the most complicated combination situations. Well known for his technical ability in engineering outstanding restorative mechanisms, Nasser has developed the world's first ever non-surgical screw retained gingiva system (Mona Lisa-removable gum) for implant and non Implant supported restorations with life-like aesthetics.

    Nasser understands the complexity of designing smiles for an individual face and in recent years, has developed a revolutionary "20 minute aesthetic smile design" concept that is regarded as a very effective and quick communication tool especially for high-end aesthetic dentistry. He collaborates routinely with prosthodontists in different parts of the world including US, Australia, Europe and Asia. Nasser has presented lectures and hands-on courses internationally, while his articles on aesthetic dentistry are published in dental journals throughout Asia, Australia, and Europe and America. He is the Managing Director of ORAL MAX, considered one of the most sophisticated restorative laboratories in the Asia-Pacific region, strictly dedicated to the highest quality aesthetic restorative work. The centre incorporates his specialised restorative/aesthetic laboratory together with advanced training facility that offers continuing postgraduate education for both clinicians and technicians.
  • Lecture: Digital & Art Solutions for Simple and Complex Implant restorations
    The world of Dental Technology is changing and moving forward with new and exciting new developments in every of its facets. In my lecture I want to show how tooth-borne and especially implant-borne prosthetics can be easily planned, well communicated and patient oriented manufactured. Digital Dentistry allows us to have so much more room, flexibility and possibilities that the outcomes are even more beautiful and reproducible than before. Proper planning, communication and the right selection of a CADCAM partner is key to success.

    The aim of the presentation is to make everyday life in the Dental Laboratory working with implant-borne prosthetics more easy and reproducible.

    Together we will explore following:
    - Different possibilities of communication between Dental Laboratory and Dental Clinic for case planning
    - Inhouse / Chairside VS Milling-Center (When to use what?)
    - New possibilities of creating Art onto your Implant-borne prosthetics
  • Dental Technician Parallel Session (19 August 2017)
Mr. Lutz Ketelaar, DT, Germany
Mr. Lutz Ketelaar, DT, Germany
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    Lutz Ketelaar has been a dental technician since 1997. From 2006 to 2007 he was the Lab Manager in traditional Dental Laboratory Husum/Germany, and he opened up a digital manufacturing centre in Dusseldorf/Germany in 2007/2008.

    In 2008 he joined 3shape as application specialist at 3shape A/S Copenhagen/Denmark. Since 2011 Group Leader Technical Advisors International at DeguDent Hanau/Germany. Since 2016 Lutz is the Education Manager Asia Pacific for Dentsply Sirona.
  • Lecture: How to Reach Higher Aestethics & Functions in the Digital Laboratory
    With the digital era, CAD/CAM systems have found their way into dental clinics and laboratories. Through continuous development and innovation, manufacturers offer a wide range of equipment.

    As patient expectations are growing, the fast and efficient communication between dentist and dental technician is crucial for providing the expected outcome. Therefore, you need a system that represents a perfect match to your daily challenges - a system which enables you to save time, to respond more flexibly, safeguard the future of your laboratory and that supports you to provide your customers with a perfect restoration!

    Objective: • Identify and overcome challenges in the daily work of a dental technician.
    • Preparation as the basis of success.
    • Cloud Services for the Lab – better and faster communication between dentist and dental technician.
    • How to meet expectations of customers – highly aesthetic anterior cases and the right choice of material.
    • How to design bite splints with the latest software version.
    • Introduction to new functions.
  • Table Clinic Presentation: Reaching faster results with higher aesthetics and strength
    • Collaboration between laboratory and dentists – cloud solutions
    • The choice of the right material – how the material determines the outcome
  • Dental Technician Parallel Session (19 August 2017) Dental Technician Table Clinic Presentation (20 August 2017)
Eric Berger, DT, France
Eric Berger, DT, France
Pitsnu (Ike) Intoratat, BSc, BDentTech (Otago), NZRDT
Thailand/New Zealand
Pitsnu (Ike) Intoratat, BSc, BDentTech (Otago), NZRDT, Thailand/New Zealand
  • Show CV
    Ike is a New Zealand Registered Dental Technician, specialising in fixed prostheses. His fascination has always been with All-ceramic and Porcelain Fused to Metal restorations. All his work reflects on the principles which he teaches in his workshop; the importance of achieving Fit, Form, Function and Esthetic. He worked in New Zealand for many years as a dental technician, before he relocated to Thailand in 2007.

    Since 2008, Ike joined Ivoclar Vivadent AG as a Business Development Manager for South East Asia. As part of the business growth in the region, Ike is regularly lecturing and conducting hands-on workshop for dentists and dental technicians in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and India. He is also a regular guest lecturer at various Universities amongst these countries.

    Ike graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Anatomy and Structural Biology from the School of Medicine; before his fascination in the field of Dentistry. In 2003, he graduated with Distinction, a Bachelor Degree in Dental Technology from the School of Dentistry. Since then, he became a New Zealand Registered Dental Technician, and selected to be a Board Member of the New Zealand Dental Council. He was profoundly involved in the production side of removable prostheses for a few years before he decided to pursue his passion in the fixed prosthodontics discipline.

    Currently, Ike is working closely with a small number of clinical Key Opinion Leaders on study cases in Implantology, Restorative and Cosmetic dentistry.
  • Table Clinic Presentation: Esthetic Staining Technique for Monolithic Lithium disilicate Anterior Restorations
  • Lecture: Esthetic Staining Technique for Monolithic Lithium disilicate Anterior Restorations
  • Dental Technician Table Clinic Presentation (20 August 2017)
 Mr Lachlan Thompson, Australia
Mr. Lachlan Thompson, DT, Australia
  • Show CV
    Lachlan Completed his training in Perth, Western Australia as a dental technician focused on Aesthetic and Implant dentistry. Since completing his training he has attended courses in the U.S. and Europe. He started his commercial laboratory in 2010 and has successfully implemented multi-faceted CAD/CAM workflows in to the laboratory’s production lines.

    Lachlan has also lectured at the University of Western Australia teaching dental students about digital workflows in laboratories as well as other events focused on digital dentistry.

    Lachlan has a keen interest in implementation of digital dentistry into clinical and laboratory workflows and is continually furthering his education in the dental industry.
  • Lecture: Transformation of complex cases in a digital laboratory
    As digital dental technology matures the coinciding increase in patient expectations leave the dental technician and clinician in a position unlike ever before. As a team we are expected to provide the most functional, biologically favorable as well as the most aesthetic restorations ever, within the shortest time possible. The expectation follows through to longevity of our restorations as well as long term biologic health surrounding the prosthesis. Utilizing CAD/CAM in our laboratory workflows can greatly reduce time surgically, clinically and in the laboratory. We will outline the theories and techniques behind the transformation from the analog workflow of the past in comparison to the digital workflows using CAD as well as leading manufacturing systems.


    - How to improve communication through the use of CAD/CAM with the patient and clinician.
    - How to improve current systems for manufacturing in the laboratory
    - Achieve faster and improved All on 4 results
    - Achieve more accurate diagnostic wax ups.
    - Explore the technician’s role in implant planning
  • Dental Technician Parallel Session (19 August 2017)
Mr. Marcus Marcussen, Denmark
Mr. Marcus Marcussen, Denmark
Baris Cakir
Baris Cakir
  • Show CV
    Has a wealth of experience in the field of dental technology lecturing and teaching across South East Asia and Asia.

    Baris has established his reputation as a highly skilled technician within the dental profession and his passion for dental technology is reflected in the delivery of his training courses. His main focus is in the field of All-ceramic crown and bridge systems, Metal-ceramic crown and bridge systems, esthetics in all fields of restorative dentistry and especially CAD/CAM Technology.

    He has been working closely with clinicians and patients since 1997 on fixed and removeable prosthetics. This experience gives him invaluable insights into the world of dental technology and dental ceramics.
  • Table Clinic Presentation: CoDiagnostix, CARES IO & 7Series Round Table Training
  • Dental Technician Table Clinic Presentation (20 August 2017)
Michael Stahl, CDT
Michael Stahl, CDT
Odeta Shkembi, DDS
Odeta Shkembi, DDS
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