What Did They Say

7th CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference

"It's a good opportunity to increase our networking."
Peter Bausch, Germany

"So far I think its been excellent, really good lectures."
Ursula Jenkins, South Africa

"Well attended, well organized, good speakers, so far very good conference."
Dr. Simon Smyth, UK

"It's a good opportunity to increase our networking."
Peter Bausch, Germany

"The response of the audience is amazing, people are very friendly and they are going into high tech—they are definitely going into digital dentistry right now".
Joerg Vogt, Germany

"Very positive, I really do like this event. I can only hope this event will be following up next year, same time, same place. I think your reputation is following you."
Peter Roessling, Germany

"It's a great feeling actually to be here at the CAD/CAM Congress here in Singapore, everyone is excited to learn more about the CAD/CAM market here in the area."
Dr. Khaled Abouseada, Saudi Arabia

"Very positive how many signed in, will be even more successful in the feature."
Lutz Ketelaar, Germany

"We have the patient, the doctor, and we have the dental technicians and we have the manufacturer. This is all teamwork."
Rik Jacobs, The Netherlands

"This first show, I never expected it this crowded."
Dr. Daniel Cho, South Korea

"Everything was very professionally organized."
Dr. Michael Dieter, Germany

6th CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference

SIRONA feedback:
"We have to thank you for the support that CAPP is doing to enhance the dental market in a very professional way.
Since we started participating in your conferences we had a chance to be exposed more to the end users and as a result of that we had the opportunity to serve the market the way it should be, by having all the professional dentists involved in our intensive researches that enabled us in the field of CAD/CAM and cosmetic dentistry as a pioneer company to express more the needs of the market and reach the company goals in achieving a premium service and professional approach to the end users.
We had a very successful years since the 1st CAD/CAM Conference were our sales figures in the region started to catch up with the expected figures that it should be and we do appreciate all your efforts to enable us to be in this position.
Our support to CAPP will remain and we hope that we will be able to cooperate with you to reach the goals of both our companies."

"Very good scientific programme. CAD/CAM is becoming a big and fast-growing market in the Middle East. This explains the big increase of the number of participants from the 2nd CAD/CAM Conference."
Dr. Andreas Kurbad, Germany

"It was an amazing experience, the organizers are professional, defenitely I recommend them for the next event."
Mr. Maroun Selwan,
CEO Finish Line Dental Lab

"I am pleasantly surprised by the high attendance of this conference and the level of presentations!"
Prof. Dr.Jefvan der Zel, The Netherlands

"CAPP did a wonderful job, great support here! I enjoyed it really much, thank you!"
Prof. Dr. Ralf Smeets, Germany

"Very good andeducational, outstanding work made by CAPP team and thank you for providing us with the ever changing techniques and technology of CAD/CAM!"
President Rahil Douayhi
Lebanese Dental Association, Tripoli

"Very impressive and refreshing presentations and workshops. I enjoyed doing dentistry and I look forward to participating again in the future!"
Dr. El Cheikh Mohamad El Khatib

CAPP5th CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference

"Impressive & Refreshing Presentation."

"Very nice dual work, both Interesting and Beneficial."

"Very good and educational. Outstanding work."

"Thank for such thoughtful lecture."

"Exceptional knowledge & experience passed to the attendance in a clear, precise, concise manner which greatly elevates the attendee's scope & confidence."

"Nice and very intelligent course, excellent tutor. 3M is a bigger company than they imagined."

"I am very appreciate for the opportunity of participation in the 5th Anniversary of CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference. It was very interesting and useful event."

"I would like to send you my group & my, big thanks & appreciation for the well done organizing & generous hospitality... from my side I had the chance to enrich my personal experience and thank u for appreciating the small effort I did comparing with your great team work effort.

"Ones again Dubai has been an excellent host for. Welcoming Guests speakers and companies form all over the world. From my interviews during the conference I can see how important CAD/CAM is to the region and that this conference delivers the knowledge and understanding the dentist/ dental technicians need."

I was so glad that I joined this event which CAPP organize It was so perfect I was really astonished for such an elegant show. Really great thanks for CAPP!"

CAPP4th CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference

"I would like to thank you as you have made every effort to host lectures and seminars to be at a high level. I am full of appreciation for your enthusiasm and commitment. Thank you for your hospitality and excellent service which was given to us during the Conference. I can say with full responsibility that the cooperation with you corresponded to the highest standards in the field. Your professionalism and flexibility in large part contributed to the success of the meeting. The large number of participants and the tight program was at the highest level. Quality people making quality work. Connecting Words of Gratitude."

Bruno Czylewicz, CDT
Drs. Nicolas & Asp Dental Laboratory

"I would like to thank you and the organization for the great opportunity you have provided us. It was a great conference."
Dr. Shiamaa Shihab Al Mashhadani

"THANK YOU not for inviting me as a speaker in the conference but THANK YOU for your great effort which was amazing and was the first reason for the success of this conference."
Dr. Khaled Abouseada, Egypt

"Being a part of your conference was a great pleasure and honor. It was obvious how much effort you and your entire team put in that great meeting."
Dr. Spec. Igor Ristic

"I wish to express my appreciation for your effort and your devotion. I want to congratulate you for this successful event and for a very well done job. I send you and the whole team in Dubai my best regards."
Prof. Georges Tehini, Lebanon

"I would like to send you my friends & my big thanks & appreciation for the good arrangement & generous hospitality... from my side I had the chance to attend Other conference in Dubai next day to your conference & believe me. No way 2 compare between arrangement & hospitality !! So THANK U AGAIN."

"Once again we would like to thank you and your team for organizing the CAD/CAM symposium. Everything was perfect - the organization, venue, programme, hospitallity and last but not least the number of dental professionals attending this event."
Alfred Bauer, DeguDent

"Herewith I would like to take opportunity to thank you for great organisation and execution of the conference in Dubai. Congratulations!"
Dr. Dusko Gedosev

"I really enjoyed the Conference last week! You did such a great job! So many very good speakers! I was so pleased to hear so much about what's going on in the aesthetic dentistry! Even for me as an orthodontist it was soo interesting! Thank you!"
Dr. Wibke Steffen

"It was a very well organized exhibition, we German guys liked the finger food, the excellent catering ... the nice people, PERFECT!"
Eisenbacher Dentalwaren ED GmbH
Claudia Bolz-Weigand

CAPP3rd CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference

"This whole success goes back to the excellent organizer. I will be more than happy to join next year."

Nobel Biocare,
Imad Kafity

"Many thanks also to your ambitioned team for all the administrative support received from your side and for making this congress to a regularly success full institution in Middle East."
Eduard Kock-Kramer

"...it was one of the best meetings I attended."
Smile magazine

"The conference was indeed continuously improving from the first CAD/CAM Conference."

"The event was very well organized and practically worth attending."

"The workshop was very well executed. It gave us more knowledge to do better quality crowns and bridges."

"Speakers were good in communicating with the participants especially with the help of the pictures and other visual aids they presented."

CAPP2nd CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai, UAE (01 - 02 December, 2007)
  • The program was very good and well organized.
  • Participants were very thankful to have such good set of lecturers for this conference.
  • Speakers were able to communicate effectively with the participants thereby giving them more new knowledge with computerized dentistry.
  • The lecturers have excellent coverage and gave detailed information about their own respective topics.
  • The event was indeed one excellent scientific program with excellent organization.
  • The speakers were very good and effective.
  • The conference was an opportunity for the dentists to gain new information about the modern practice, and to adjust themselves for the current dental technology.
  • The program was worth spending time and effort.

CAPP1st CAD/CAM & Computerized Dentistry International Conference, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai, UAE (28 - 29 October, 2006)

"I would like to appreciate the 1st CAD-CAM International Dental conference organized by CAPP. It was well organized, as well informative. We as a company would like to extend thanks as we were able to establish some good contacts with the participating dentists for the future business. Wish you all the best for organizing such courses."

Pratibimba Barthwal
Partner/ Manager
Star Medical Co. LLC

“1st CAD/CAM International Dental Conference, Dubai was a great success where we had to meet many clients from all over the world dealing out high standards of professional quality.”

Elite D/L
Abu Dhabi-UAE

“It was great opportunity to meet our aesthetic partners at the 1st CAD/CAM International dental conference,2006, Dubai and show them the latest technology...“

Qualident D/L
Dubai, UAE

“Thank you very much, I will be very happy to attend your next symposium”

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“….thanks for the great lectures…”

Rob Poland
Dental Technician